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Highfields, Qld is home to the Highfields Redbacks Rugby Union Club. Our club has operated since 1984 and we currently have teams from under 6’s through to under 12’s in juniors, under 13's, 14’s, 15’s & 17's in teenage boys, under 13's & 15's in girls 7's, along with A & C grade in the senior Downs Risdon Cup competition.
At Redbacks Rugby, we aim to provide an inclusive community club that welcomes and encourages positive contact and cooperation between people from a range of different backgrounds and abilities. Our committee members ensure all members and volunteers have an equal opportunity to participate at a level they choose, welcoming and encouraging people from a mix of backgrounds, ages and gender to become involved. Our coaches are experienced and qualified to plan and deliver appropriate training sessions and game time participation no matter what skill level your child is at. All members of our club support inclusive practices which are guided by club policies and procedures and the laws of the game. Our club aims to promote fun, respect, integrity and a love of rugby.
Our club has been able to achieve strong membership participation thanks to our dedicated committee members, our tireless volunteers and our passionate rugby families. All of this of course, has been made possible thanks to the generous and ongoing support of our amazing sponsors.
Today, we have a new home ground. You’ll find us at the new Highfields Sports Park situated at 220 Barracks Road, Highfields.

Redbacks' History

REDBACKS Rugby Union Club is situated in Highfields Qld. Our club was formed in 1983-4 as the Highfields Mini Rugby Club, based out of the Highfields State School. We were incorporated as per Qld law in 1990 to become the Highfields Junior Rugby Club.


We first joined the Darling Downs Rugby competition in 2005, entering the senior club ranks with a C Grade and Under 20’s team. Some years later, we entered a B Grade side for the first time. Since that time we have been providing a fun, social and sporting atmosphere, with the majority of our members today ranging from 6 to 15 years of age.


Around the year 2007, it was decided to create an Over 35’s club.  So the Silverbacks were formed.  They train on Thursday nights, and play games throughout SE Qld.


Our club has 7 junior grades with teams from 6’s through to 12’s and our teenage teams include Under 13’s, 14's, 15's, 17's boys along with U13's and U/15's girls 7's . Our kids participate in the Darling Downs Rugby competitions against teams from across the region.


We currently field an A and C Grade that compete against Toowoomba and surrounding areas including Gatton, St George, Condamine, Chinchilla, Goondiwindi, Roma and Dalby.


Our club today acknowledges the invaluable commitment from the many individuals who have volunteered their time to help run our club every year. Many of these volunteers have volunteered in different roles over the past years and some are still with us today!



Gordon Alden, Jim Weller, Ross Hopper, Brian Cook, Tony Arday, Craig Allen, Peter O’Donohue, Scott Mead, Jason Hopgood, Sean Andreas, Matt Strahorn, Tadhg Sheehan, Marius Kruger, Nick Kelly.


Mike Brideson, Bill Cahill, Jack Hobbs, Norm Child, Chris Sharp, Jason Fein, John Perry, Chris Newmarch, John Harland, Roger Harris, Steve Rees.




Janette Alden, Graham Obst, Janet Dinnes, J Story, Karen Griffiths, Vince Ernst, Dorette Bakker, Jannean Leary, Joe Tonkin, Rachel Doyle, Barry Styan, Kathy Bizzell, Leita Fein, Greg Neilson, John Perry, Kevin Perry, Mat Crause, Chris Newmarch, Scott Morrisby.


Dominic Doyle, David Southgate, Hilton Chilcott, Glenn Griffiths, Denis Parson, Craig Allen,  Kent Glass, Tim Charlton, C hris Sharp, Sean Buckley, Marty Ryan, Mick Sheehan, Janita Simpson, Jasmine Siggs, Rudi Virtue, Mike McMillan, Kim Boland, Anne-Louise Kelly, Mat Hardy, Glenn Doyle, Jamie Deacon, Mick Marsh.


Fr. Paul McCormac, Kerri Trost, John Harland, Christine O’Donahue, Lucy Andreas, Stan Moffatt, Heath Mengel, Beth Dawson, Michelle Parton, Kay Rodhouse, Paul Reedy, Jess Perry, Richard Boyce, Marty Leggatt, Steve Boland, Jamie Deacon, Scott Johnson, Lisa Cleary, Dave Hampshire, Allan Trost, Dinah Haswell, Kevin Anderson, Natasha Morrisby, Cameron Littleton, Mandie Deacon, Jen Perrignon, Andrew Hasted, Evan Mackay, Fiona Littleton, Judy Cusato, Howard Coggan.


Clive Berghofer, Craig Stibbard, David Connolly, Jason Leslie, Belinda Doyle, Malcolm Hosking, Michelle Griffiths, Jeremy Griffiths, Steve Boland, Jodie Howard, Josh O’Brien, Mark Hickman, Matt Howard, Nikki Kahler, Kendall Harland, Joel Ballin, Graham Thrupp, Narelle Shervey, Brian Shervey.


Ange Morris, Deb Moody, Raelene Gotze, Cameron Day, John Ryan, Ashley North,  Scott Lindblom,   Patrese Ryan, Elissa Walker, Peter Sondergeld, Trevor O’Neil, Nick Hayne, Steve Stockley, Ken Clinch,  Cameron Steer, Scott Chaffey, Mark Casey, Bettina Herden, Bobbi Ryan, Paddy Ryan, Dan Fox, Nigel Logan, Gavin Lindenmayer, Stephen Coren, Damien Fisher,  Jodie Edge, Nikki Tonkin, Tammy Spies, Luke Walker, Jo Ross, Lucas,  Nick Kelly, Jason Edge.

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