Meet Marius Kruger

Q1: Tell us how you first got involved in with the Redbacks?

Answer: I first got involved about 6 years ago when my son Wihan began playing for the club in the under 6 grade. I began helping with coaching and now coach all the time.

Q2: What is your current role with the club?

Answer: Last year I was elected Club President by the committee. It is a privilege to be the president for this term and serve the club in this way….

Q3: What’s it like to be a volunteer with our club?

Answer: There are two things. First, it gives you great satisfaction to see you are  making a difference in young people’s lives and two, its hard work that you have to put into volunteering….like any volunteering…..but it is a privilege most of all.

Q4: How would (someone) describe you?

Answer: Hopefully as someone who is Friendly, approachable and a good listener…….

Q5: What might (someone) be surprised to know about you?

Answer: I’m a Minister in the church, which might surprise a few people……….

Q7: Do you have a favourite team?

Answer: My favourite team that I support is the Springboks. (we knew this answer was coming!)……and also the REDS local team……On an international level though definitely the Springboks, because that’s where I was born.

Q8: What about a favourite food?

Answer: Anything meat, spare ribs, steak and something called ‘blue bull steak’……….

Q9: What do you do when you aren’t volunteering for the Redbacks?

Answer: As I said earlier I am a Minister of a church and I am also working for a larger church, the Uniting Church of Queensland…….. and also running a business in Highfields called Kerb Cafe

Q10: What do you think will change about our club over the next five years?

Answer: For the club, I would like to see that we have a very large girls/ women’s rugby competition and quite a few teams competing in 7’s across Queensland.  Also, a team in every teenage group across the inner Downs competition would be great and hopefully we start looking at  re-introducing rugby seniors to our club.

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